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YOGA is a personal practice, not a competition, or a gym workout.

It is a breath guided practice full of mind body opportunities, surrender and gifts that keep giving.

Breathe, Release, Enjoy, Feel, Watch, Accept. Your new mantra!  


My yoga practice has been an anchor, a way to develop mindfulness, discover spirituality, and a method to cultivate mind body balance and fitness. It started back in 1986.  

All things worthwhile require discipline and effort, and when we practice them with an open mind and heart, consistency and commitment, they will continue to teach us exactly what we need to learn. One of the most valuable things we learn from yoga is how to listen without judging or trying to fix. The metaphor for life and relationships is full of endless potential.  


Since my practice began in 1986, it continuously evolves, and I am forever learning. I’ve taught in several places in the Greater Philadelphia area, and had my own home based studio for 13 years. 


I’ve always worked with women across the life span, and the practice I present is very accessible to whomever is on their mat. I teach private lessons regularly, and seasonally, offer small group outdoor practices. The world has so much struggle everywhere we turn; the yoga practice I bring to you will not be a struggle. It will be a healthy challenge, and that’s what helps us grow.


The practice I teach is an integration of all the styles of yoga I have learned and practiced for over 30 years. I love the Yin style and enjoy sequencing postures together for a slow flowing practice experience. I encourage embracing what you can do, rather than attaching to what you cannot.  do.


I incorporate various styles of yoga and create my own unique method. Inhale, create space. Exhale, release tension.  


Benefits of regular
yoga practice

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Decrease in Pain

  • Hand-Eye Coordination Improves

  • Range of Motion Increases

  • Flexibility Increases

  • Gastrointestinal Function Normalizes

  • Blood Pressure Decreases

  • Anxiety and Depression Decrease

  • Cognitive Clarity Improves

  • Memory Improves

  • Attention Improves

  • Mood Improves 

  • Social Adjustment Increases

  • Development of Self Awareness

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