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and  BIRTHING MINDFULLY LIVING MINDFULLY is my creation. Mindfulness

is a core value in my life and work. My vision is full of optimism and practicality. I bring my personal practice of compassion, patience, reframing, and acceptance into my work. There’s always room for some humor and laughter. Sometimes, it really is the best medicine. I am attentive, responsive, and empathic, in all the services and support I provide.


My goal is to build connection and trust, and empower my clients to find their voice and use it effectively to achieve their goals. I have a very accessible and engaging style, and strive to remain sensitive to my clients' needs, wishes, and preferences. An open line of communication is key to your comfort and success.


My professional titles include counselor/therapist, pregnancy doula and educator, mentor, and yoga teacher. It's all about 'partnership.' Whatever service and support I provide, ‘we’re in it together’-- from  relationship therapy to doula postpartum care -- a privilege and a joy.  My personal roles include, mother, wife, sister, nanna, daughter, and friend. They are all precious, a source of love, challenge, and self discovery. My creative side includes: writing, painting, and cooking. Mind body fitness is a cornerstone, and staying in touch with spiritual practices keeps me grounded.

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Life is incredibly full of information, misinformation, doubt, and questions. My style allows you to feel safe, heard, and understood without being judged. Sometimes it is downright difficult to make a choice. It’s a top priority for me to demystify what I can, and be in the process with you while you discover your voice and values and how to best put them in to action. When we operate form a position of confidence, not fear, clarity not confusion, we can get things done and move forward. It takes time, and I'm ready to take the ride with you.  Let’s connect soon!

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Hi, I'm Seena...

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