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Mentoring New Doulas

The new doula apprenticeship guides, educates and empowers you to move from

where you are, launching you to where you want to be. Our mentoring relationship will be based on trust, confidentiality, sensitivity, and mutual respect.

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You decided that you want to be a doula!

You go through the training and education.

Lots of work. It’s very exciting.

You finish the course and get your certification.



Image by Valeriia Kogan

The doula apprenticeship guides you to find your way to where you’d like to be. It’s a partnership. It’s mindful, practical, and fun! It’s unique and tailored specifically for you.

Together we look at and clarify your vision and goals as a pregnancy doula. Together we explore what you would like your image-brand to look like, feel like, and sound like. Together we explore organic marketing, how to engage, and build a consistent presence on social media. Together we look at all the pieces and layers of how to meet, engage, empower, and develop a great connection with your community and clients. Together, we build you and your business, step by step, head to heart.

I am your mentor, coach, confidant, and guide. You will feel supported, valued, encouraged, and motivated. I will provide you with many practical ideas and assignments that we will explore together before you engage them, and review together once they are completed. We will have a consistent line of communication so you do not feel alone.

Let's start the doula apprenticeship!

We’re in it together from start to finish!


Joys of being a doula photos!

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