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Doula / Birth Educator

I’m committed to providing exceptional, individualized education, support and encouragement. At every step of the way, I seek to prepare you with evidence- based resources for your mind, body, and breath, relating to pregnancy, labor, birth and the new family in the fourth trimester (aka postpartum period).

We are a partnership, a team for all things big or small.


  • Educating you about various aspects of  labor birth and the postpartum/four trimester 

  • Relationship building with my client – trust and confidence

  • Exploring your care, provider, labor and birth environment

  • Finding and using your voice as your #1 advocate

  • Demystifying and normalizing what its all about

  • Sensible decision-making tools

  • Sharing evidence-based information for mind-body comfort

  • Encouraging my client to practice the tips, tools, and strategies

  • Checking in as needed, all along the way

DURING—Labor & Birth

  • Keeping the lines of communication open between you and me from the time labor starts

  • Meeting you in your home or at the birth location once active labor has been established

  • Connection full of undivided attention, encouragement, normalizing, and reviewing comfort measures

  • Referring to provider for medical matters

  • Meeting you in your home or at the birth location

  • Addressing challenges with intuition, empathy, insight, affirmation and evidence based approaches

  • Encouraging you to listen to your body and baby, respect your voices and whenever possible, your preferences

  • Supporting and guiding your partner

  • Video and photos of the labor and birth, if desired

  • Supporting the first feed and remaining with you until the time comes for me to leave

AFTER—Postpartum 4th trimester

  • Our connection continues, after the birth and when you go home

  • Postpartum visit with the new family

  • Your resource for questions and concerns, and referrals to specialists

  • Short term day time Postpartum hours

  • Sharing evidence based information

  • I'm the voice of encouragement, sensible guidance, affirmation and reframing

  • Virtual individual or couple's therapy

  • Your guide to find perspective, realistic boundaries, routine and healthy mind-body balance

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