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Doula / Birth Educator

I’m committed to providing exceptional, individualized education, support and encouragement. At every step of the way, I seek to prepare you with evidence- based resources for your mind, body, and breath, relating to pregnancy, labor, birth and the new family in the fourth trimester (aka postpartum period).

We are a partnership, a team for all things big or small.


  • Educating you about various aspects of  labor birth and the postpartum/four trimester 

  • Relationship building with my client – trust and confidence

  • Exploring your care, provider, labor and birth environment

  • Finding and using your voice as your #1 advocate

  • Demystifying and normalizing what its all about

  • Sensible decision-making tools

  • Sharing evidence-based information for mind-body comfort

  • Encouraging my client to practice the tips, tools, and strategies

  • Checking in as needed, all along the way

AFTER—Postpartum 4th trimester

  • Our connection continues, after the birth and when you go home

  • Postpartum visit with the new family

  • Your resource for questions and concerns, and referrals to specialists

  • Short term day time Postpartum hours

  • Sharing evidence based information

  • I'm the voice of encouragement, sensible guidance, affirmation and reframing

  • Virtual individual or couple's therapy

  • Your guide to find perspective, realistic boundaries, routine and healthy mind-body balance

Managing Grief and Loss

  • Loss is one of the most universal and disruptive experiences. Grief is one of the most challenging human emotional experiences. Despite how common grief is, our understanding of it remains limited, yet we know without any uncertainty, our sense of normalcy is lost. Loss is one of our human experiences that shares a lot of space with grief.  

  • Grief is a very normal response to loss of life, loss of opportunity, loss of a relationship, loss of pregnancy, and is usually felt during or after any traumatic event. It is also well known that grief can be experienced when drastic changes to daily routines that usually bring us comfort and a feeling of stability are altered or lost.

  • The good news is, you do not need to handle this alone. Entering a therapeutic relationship with a mental health professional is a sensible and productive way to find support and healing. 

Image by Valeriia Kogan

DURING—Labor & Birth

  • Keeping the lines of communication open between you and me from the time labor starts

  • Meeting you in your home or at the birth location once active labor has been established

  • Connection full of undivided attention, encouragement, normalizing, and reviewing comfort measures

  • Referring to provider for medical matters

  • Meeting you in your home or at the birth location

  • Addressing challenges with intuition, empathy, insight, affirmation and evidence based approaches

  • Encouraging you to listen to your body and baby, respect your voices and whenever possible, your preferences

  • Supporting and guiding your partner

  • Video and photos of the labor and birth, if desired

  • Supporting the first feed and remaining with you until the time comes for me to leave

Let's Work Together!

If you are a mother-to-be or know someone who is,

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